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Pontoon Boat Guard Covers!

About Us:

The Boat Guard is a manual system. Just pull the handle down and you’re ready to go in no time!

There are no motors to break and most importantly, it’s reliable! You will find that with the Boat Guard, you will use your boat more often – it’s so easy! 


Usually weather can be a deterrent, but not with the Boat Guard. Raining? You can pull it up or even camp under it.

The Boat Guard covers your boat better than any other cover. It covers not only the inside, but the outside as well as fully encompassing everything from the floor up;

Including the outside fencing and graphics, your bimini top, motor, and gas tanks. The Boat Guard is total superior protection.

Only 30 seconds - open to close!

It's Fast

Takes only 30 seconds to put on & only 30 seconds to take off!

It's Easy

Extremely easy to do, very simple process to follow!

It's Reliable

Our cover will protect your entire boat and motor thoroughly & efficiently!


Pontoon Boat Covers - Pricing

Retractable Pontoon Boat Guard Covers

18′ Deck Length – $4,095.00 – plus tax

20′ Deck Length – $4,195.00 – plus tax

22′ Deck Length – $4,295.00 – plus tax

24′ Deck Length – $4,395.00 – plus tax

26′ Deck Length – $4,495.00 – plus tax


Delivery/Installation Estimates:

OH, KY, PA, WV – $500

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Boat Guard Covers come in different Colors?
Yes, we offer several different colors for our Boat Covers.

Do you offer Installation for the Boat Guard Covers?
Yes, we offer Delivery/Installation for an additional service fee.

Can I use my rear ladder?
Yes in the retracted position, access to your ladder is not hindered.

Can I use my Bimini top with The Boat Guard?

Yes, when The Boat Guard Pivots into the storage position you can raise and lower your bimini. The Boat Guard is designed to travel over and around a bimini in the lowered position.

Can I use my rear entry with The Boat Guard in the storage position?

Yes, You still will have full use of your rear entry. When The Boat Guard pivots back into the storage position there is plenty of room to freely use your rear entry.

Is The Boat Guard Transferable? If I buy a different boat can I put it on the new one?

Yes, As long as the new boat is the same length and width.